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ChiroSpring is a cloud based chiropractic practice management software.  There are several key features that put ChiroSpring into a class of its own. 

1. Intuitive Design & Simple to Use – A simple, intuitive design has been a main focus since day one.  Everything is neatly organized into a welcoming App style interface.  

2. Works in the Cloud - Access ChiroSpring from any Internet-connected computer, and do so with the confidence that your data meets the strict HIPAA compliance standards.  Because ChiroSpring is cloud based, you will save on office networking and server costs. No more troubleshooting your computers just to get them to "talk" to each other. 

3. Automatic Data Backup Included – We not only encrypt your data but we back it up 24/7 in multiple locations.  You never need to worry about losing patient data ever again!  And the best part, automatic data backup is included in our price.  

4. Multiplatform - ChiroSpring works on Mac, PC, and supports fast and simple SOAP Notes on tablet devices all with the tap of your finger. ChiroSpring is flexible so you can be too. 

5. Multi-location – We’ve taken the power of the cloud and added a feature that allows you to create unlimited practice locations.  And we did this without charging you a dime.  This means ChiroSpring can grow with your business.  There is no practice too large or too small for ChiroSpring.  

6. Does Everything Your Office Needs - Calendar, Cash Register, Electronic Billing, Claim Reconciliation, Appointment Reminders, Patient Statements, SOAP Notes, Reports, Task Management, Document Uploading, Images with advanced annotation tools, Patient Alerts (stop managers), Patient Dashboard, Digital Receipts and More! There are too many features to list. Visit our website for complete details (www.chirospring.com).

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Title: John Jensen, DC
Review by John from Jensen Chiropractic | 01-02-2014 Overall Rating
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I recently changed the software I use to run my practice. I switched to using ChiroSpring software for chiropractors and I couldn’t have made a better decision. My previous software was dated and was difficult to use. When I came across ChiroSpring I scheduled a demo with them and after seeing it live I knew I had to have it.  The software was so easy to use. I especially love how they handle the EOB reconciliation process.

In my old software it was hard to identify what EOB’s were paid. ChiroSpring’s process is exactly how you want it. At a quick glance you can see what claims are waiting to submit, and everything owed to you. Another huge advantage I love about ChiroSpring is that it is cloud based. They store and backup all my data in the cloud. I got rid of the big desktop server I had before. No more patching and messing with backing up my data. Trust me. ChiroSpring is the software I was looking for. Definitely recommend checking them out!
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