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Chiropractic Software - Important Considerations

Many chiropractors make the mistake of selecting a specific software or a practice management system based on price alone, while others base their decision on the number of "bells and whistles" a specific system offers. Neither of these scenarios make good sense. Doctors who base their decision on price alone are often left with an out-dated system lacking in the necessary features to properly and efficiently manage their office. Those who solely base their decision on the number of "bells and whistles" a system is equipped with often overpay for a practice management software equipped with features they will never use or require. The truth is, a balance of price and features is ideal. When considering new software for your chiropractic office, we recommend focusing on three primary areas. These include price, features and client support.

Software Price

The software you choose for your office should be priced to fit within your budget. Just because a certain vendor is offering a special discount or an attractive financing plan on their software, doesn't mean that it's affordable.

The chiropractic software systems listed in our directory range in price from free to in excess of $15,000. There are some companies now offering cloud-based software for chiropractors which is offered as a monthly subscription. Many software vendors also charge additional fees for client support, software updates, multi-user access, data storage and other services.

Hardware requirements are another area of concern as well. Some software vendors may require or recommend the purchase of special hardware such as servers, additional workstations, patient kiosks, and so on. This can increase the overall cost of the software significantly.

Before considering a specific practice management solution for your office, you should always consider the TOTAL cost of ownership. Always ask what you are getting for your money, especially when it comes to the more costly systems. Don't be fooled by all the fancy computer jargon. Ask the salesperson to explain the features of their software in a verbiage that YOU can understand. Additionally, you ask about any special offers or discounts up front. Many companies offer discounts on their software to new graduates and first year doctors.

Software Features For Your Office

The chiropractic office software you select should provide you with the essential features required to run YOUR office efficiently. Dr. Moneybags down the street from you may appreciate and need all the extra 'bells and whistles' for his chiropractic office, and have no issues paying for them. Your scenario may be quite the contrary and a less costly system with only the essential features may suite you best.  

At the very least, your practice management system should include patient scheduling functionality and an integrated chiropractic billing software module with the capability to submit claims electronically. Again, these are the basic and most essential features of any chiropractic EHR software. Another important feature
 to consider is reporting and documentation capabilities. As a chiropractor, your time should be spent caring for your patients and marketing your practice - not spending countless hours writing notes and reports. When looking into the reporting and documentation capabilities of a specific product, you want to be sure that it meets the specific needs of chiropractors. Chiropractic reporting software is much different than that designed for other professions such as physicians or physical therapists.

One catch-phrase you've probably been hearing a lot about lately is EHR. An EHR, or electronic health record, is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. Most practice management software solutions designed for chiropractors come equipped with EHR capabilities. Imagine never having to retrieve or replace a paper file again. How about never having to buy paper folders again! This saves both time and money and in many cases, pays for itself within the first year or two. As with price, you should demand that a company's sales staff explain to you in clear verbiage all the features included in the system that you are considering purchasing.

Software Support

One of the most important considerations for a doctor before purchasing chiropractic software is the level of support the company offers their clients. In other words, how well do they back their product after the sale? What good is software if you can't figure out how to use it or get it to run properly in your office? Most vendors offer a combination of phone and web-based support. Some even offer in-house or off-site training for the doctor and office staff for an additional fee. 

Most software vendors do charge additional for client support, so expect to pay for it. Some charge by the incident, while others offer an unlimited annual plan that also includes all software updates. Software that is sold on a subscription basis typically includes support for no added cost. Most support plans will run you between $500 and $900 per year. Sure, you can find vendors offering free or low cost support options, but in the end, will your expectations be met? Probably not. We recommend finding a reliable vendor who offers an annual support plan that includes unlimited phone and email support, training, and all software maintenance including updates. Remember, your chiropractic software is the backbone of your office and should remain a priority for you and your staff.